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Read the FAQ and any information in this page before contacting me.

To install you first need to be certain that you can run PHP scripts.

Simple Install:

Upload all files included in the download to your server.

Point your browser to index.php.

We recommend that you customize phpMultiMeed templates within the templates folder, because the default template is very simple.

To customize how phpMultiMeed works open config.php with notepad with wordwrap OFF (If you haven't and do not intend to develop PHP or Perl scripts use notepad and only notepad). Read through the copyleft section and read everything within the /* ... */, it should have enough information for you to proceed.

To customize how phpMultiMeed looks go into the templates folder and edit the files within to suit your needs.  You must know HTML do do this, or if not, ask someone to do it for you.

Try the demo to see it in action.

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