Project Description

phpMultiMeed is a media gallery that showcases movies and audio files. Any folder and/or file found within the designated start folder will be considered apart of the system. Extra features include: Templates, extended list files, and drop-n-run install. You can see a demo here.


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What's  New

bulletConverted from Perl to PHP


bulletUnlimited sub-categories and top level play lists
bulletSimple, yet powerful
bulletEasy install


bulletGet a Control Panel for MP3s
bulletPlaylist output in an optional add-in.
bulletin XML, instead of HTML for external applications
bulletDirect download button in an optional add-in.
bulletShopping cart style downloads and create a zip on check out in an optional add-in.
bulletForce mime types ie) rmi

Important Tips

bulletTake care to avoid any breaches of copyright.

 Copyright 2002 by David Duong.
For problems or questions regarding this contact developer.
Last updated: 07/13/03.